Hi all - newish to pulumi. I created a Dynamic Res...
# python
Hi all - newish to pulumi. I created a Dynamic Resource Provider in python that has an output of
new_tags: Output[List[str]]
. The code seems to be working, I can see the resource in preview and code being executed but having a hard time actually getting the output list. Trying to follow along from documentation but
new_tags.apply(lambda x: f"{x[0]}")
or even
new_tags.apply(lambda x: print(x)
still errors out with
tags: Calling __str__ on an Output[T] is not supported.
The output you’re getting suggests that you may be dealing with an
instead of just an
? If that’s the case, further expanding with another apply, or (if it my be a mix on inputs and outputs) defining a function such as:
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def print_output_list(output_list: list[Input[str]]):
   as_outputs = [ Output.from_input(x) for x in output_list ]
And then calling
could help