# aws


10/03/2023, 2:44 PM
Hey folks, I'm trying to create an account under an organization, and then assumeRole into that newly created account, and create a bucket The account is created properly, but when trying to create the bucket, it gives me this error:
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* Error creating S3 bucket: NotSignedUp: Your account is not signed up for the S3 service. You must sign up before you can use S3.
    	status code: 403, request id: <something>, host id: <long-ass-base64>
I've switched into the account and I'm able to create a bucket manually, so no weird verification/payment issues there. Any ideas on what might be the issue? This is the code:
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const email = pulumi.interpolate`pulumiexp+${name}`;
    this.account = new aws.organizations.Account("test-account", {
      email: email,
      name: name,
      parentId: args.parentId,
      roleName: this.defaultAccessRoleName,
    }, {
      parent: this

    const roleArn = pulumi.interpolate`arn:aws:iam::${}:role/${this.defaultAccessRoleName}`

    const createdAccountProvider = new aws.Provider("created-account", {
      assumeRole: {
        roleArn: roleArn,
        sessionName: "pulumi"
      region: "eu-central-1",
    }, {
      parent: this,

    this.stateBucket = new aws.s3.Bucket("pulumi-state-bucket", {
      bucket: "pulumi-state-bucket",
    }, {
      provider: createdAccountProvider,
      parent: this,