Is there another place that people recommend to tr...
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Is there another place that people recommend to try to get answers to these questions? I've looked back through previous chats and see alot of unanswered questions by a number of different people. Then you'll see the question right before or after have a decent thread which seems to offer a solution. Just wondering if I don't end up getting any suggestions to my question above/below, where else have people tried posting questions other than the slack? It doesn't belong in the github as it is not an issue, just a usability question. It is also not something support would/should deal with either.
@icy-dress-83371 I try to get to as many questions as I can, but I missed yours. This is of course a best effort support basis. I’ll respond to the original thread now
Thanks @billowy-army-68599 no worries, it is completely understandable. I was merely asking so I know if this is a good place to pose questions like that, or if there is a better avenue which may get more visibility. I love working in Pulumi so far (especially since I get to use Python), but sometimes find that the examples out there on the internet and github repos from other people just aren’t as plentiful as Terraform. Which is understandable, but it makes it a little more difficult to find examples of people attempting to do something similar to your use case.
The only other places to ask questions that I know about are Stack Overflow and Pulumi Discussions (, but I think this Slack is the most active.
Thanks, I'll keep that in mind for the next time then. Just wanted to make sure I am in the right place where the majority of the community is.