Hello folks, I need help to understand how to mana...
# kubernetes
Hello folks, I need help to understand how to manage helm upgrade with pulumi, I'm creating my helm release like that
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_, err = helmv3.NewRelease(ctx, "some-release", &helmv3.ReleaseArgs{
    Chart: pulumi.String("./infra/charts/some-chart"),
    Name:  pulumi.String("some-release"),
    RecreatePods:  pulumi.Bool(true),
    CleanupOnFail: pulumi.Bool(true),
    ForceUpdate:   pulumi.Bool(true),
}, pulumi.Provider(eksProvider))
then if i'm running
pulumi up
it's creating well the stuff, exactly like doing a
helm install some_release infra/charts/some_chart
but after that i updated my chart then i'm running again
pulumi up
, i'm getting error like
error: cannot re-use a name that is still in use
so i'm confused, how to handle properly helm release lifecycle with pulumi ? how to do helm upgrade ?