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10/06/2023, 2:03 PM
Hey, I was trying to create a new ruleset Rule for Cloudflare "Configuration Rules" Here is my working code (c#):
var sslRule
= new RulesetRuleArgs
Action = "set_config",
ActionParameters = new RulesetRuleActionParametersArgs()
Ssl = "flexible",
Expression = "( eq \"<|>\")",
Description = "Enable SSL flexible for subdomains",
Enabled = true,
var ruleset = new Ruleset("my-ruleset", new RulesetArgs
ZoneId = "zoneid",
Rules = { sslRule },
Kind = "zone",
Description = "some desc",
Name = "some name",
Phase = "http_config_settings",
but this only works when there is no existing ruleset, i can't manage to update the rules. How could i manage to update those configuration rules, or is it not possible with pulumi for now? i saw in documentation that the other rule types have explicit objects, but not for configuration rules. All code languages are welcome, i think i will adapt that then for c#. Thanks in advance