Hey All, I am trying to update an AWS ElastiCache ...
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Hey All, I am trying to update an AWS ElastiCache replication group in pulumi with c#. following is the code used to create the Replication Group and this works fine
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new ReplicationGroup("test-cache", new ReplicationGroupArgs
                Description = $"test-cache",
                Engine = "redis", 
                NodeType = cache.t2.micro,
                ParameterGroupName = "default.redis6.x.cluster.on",
                AtRestEncryptionEnabled = true
                MultiAzEnabled = false,
                NumNodeGroups = 1,
                ReplicasPerNodeGroup = 1,
                DataTieringEnabled = false,
                EngineVersion = "6.2",
                AutomaticFailoverEnabled = true,
                SubnetGroupName = subnetGroup.Name, 
                Port = 6379, 
                AutoMinorVersionUpgrade = true, 
                SecurityGroupIds = new[] { securityGroup.Id },
                MaintenanceWindow = "fri:08:00-fri:09:00"
            new CustomResourceOptions { DependsOn = new Resource[] { securityGroup, subnetGroup } });
But when i try to enable automatic backups using this code
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SnapshotWindow = "05:30-06:30",
SnapshotRetentionLimit = 1,
it fails giving an error
InvalidParameterCombination: Cannot set snapshotting cluster for cluster mode enabled replication group.
I tried enabling automatic backups to resource created by pulumi using the console and it works fine. What am I missing here? any insight would be helpful. Thank you in advance