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Today we launched another exciting set of new features focused on the needs of Platform Teams. The new features include: Developer Portals: β€’ πŸ†• Organization Templates and New Project Wizard: Pulumi Cloud now supports registering your own custom templates for your organization, and enabling developers in your organization to provision them entirely via point-and-click in Pulumi Cloud with the new New Project Wizard. This offers a great out-of-the box developer portal experience for any team using Pulumi Cloud. See docs. β€’ πŸ†• Pulumi Backstage Plugin: For teams using Backstage, they can now integrate Pulumi directly within their Backstage instance, via support for a new Pulumi plugin as well as new Pulumi scaffolder actions. See docs. β€’ πŸ†•
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provides a number of templates provided by Pulumi, but it can also use your own private templates. Policy and Compliance: β€’ πŸ†• Compliance Ready Policies: New pre-built policy packs for for enforcing common security and compliance policies (PCI DSS, ISO 27001 and CIS) across a broad range of cloud providers (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and Kubernetes), and dozens of services within each platform. See docs. β€’ πŸ†• Remediation Policies: Pulumi Policy as Code now supports authoring policies which don’t just warn or error, but actually change the infrastructure directly to remediate compliance gaps. Remediation policies can be configured and applied across any subset of stacks within an organization. See docs. Deployments and Delivery: β€’ πŸ†• Deployments GA: Pulumi Deployments is now generally available, with pricing and support available across all Pulumi Cloud editions. See the Pricing Page. β€’ πŸ†• Deployments Support for GitHub Enterprise: Pulumi Deployments now supports integration with GitHub Enterprise as well as β€’ πŸ†• Org-Wide Deployments Overview Page: A new page where you can see all deployments across the organization, giving you a single pane of glass to manage company wide deployments. See the docs. β€’ πŸ”œ Deployments Customer Managed Agents: Customers will soon be able to run deployments inside agents they run within their own infrastructure, for cases where this is required for unique compliance or security reasons. Thanks to everyone here who's given us feedback and input on these features so far, and looking forward to hearing from many more of you as well going forward! Learn more and/or help us amplify the news at: β€’ Blog: β€’ Twitter/X: β€’ LinkedIn:
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