hi :wave: I'm exploring the aws-native provider b...
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hi šŸ‘‹ I'm exploring the aws-native provider but I don't see a way to add a s3 object (similar to this with the classic provider) ?
Edit: oh my god I thought you were asking about Azure, not AWS. I'm so sorry. I'll leave the message here, but please ignore it šŸ˜… Hey! This might just be a nomenclature problem. Azure has Storage Accounts, which can contain four things: ā€¢ Containers (AKA
Blob Containers
, which is the one we want!) ā€¢ File shares ā€¢ Queues ā€¢ Tables Once you've made a Storage Account, you'll need to make a Blob Container. Blob Containers are the equivalent of an S3 Bucket, in AWS terms. Finally, with those two things, you can create a Blob, the equivalent of a single S3 object. The structure and naming is rather different than AWS, but in my humble opinion, much nicer to work with once you've wrapped your head around it. Hope this helps!
To answer your actual question, it looks like AWS Native is still in preview and not yet at 1.0, so the S3 module is incomplete
Thanks, I figured that could be the case. A bit of a drag to have to use 2 providers for this but .. preview it is, thank you šŸ‘Œ