Is there a way to use the automation API in conjun...
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Is there a way to use the automation API in conjunction with an inline program and pass inputs into the program? I know it can be done with config, but I'm finding that really quite slow to initialise. This is pretty much what I'm working with for the inline program:
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public class MyStack : Stack
    public string MyInput {get; set;}

    public MyStack()
        // use MyInput when declaring a resource
All C# if it wasn't clear. Is this possible, or am I stuck to using config by calling
Just to expand on this, I'm initialising the stack and attempting to use as it sort of looks like what I need, But no luck 😞
An inline program is just a function. You can curry other values into the function, or reference values from different scopes. Here's a typescript examples: I don't think we have an equivalent example in C# but I believe it should be possible