Hi team, could you please help me convert terrafor...
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Hi team, could you please help me convert terraform provider https://github.com/bytebase/terraform-provider-bytebase or guide me how to convert it to Pulumi
@echoing-dinner-19531 do you have any idea? šŸ˜„
Not my area of expertise (I haven't bridged a provider for over 5 years) but you want to take a look at https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi-tf-provider-boilerplate
I checked and tried it and failed šŸ˜„
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/Users/congnv1/go/pkg/mod/github.com/pulumi/pulumi-terraform-bridge/v3@v3.61.0/pkg/tfshim/sdk-v2/resource.go:91:22: r.tf.SchemaMap undefined (type *schema.Resource has no field or method SchemaMap)
change/add something in code is overwhelmed for me. Could you help me tag who have exp with it or where I can raise request for Bytebase tf-provider ;(
@ancient-policeman-24615 or @enough-garden-22763 might know what that error is about
https://github.com/bds-congnguyen/pulumi-bytebase Here is my repo that iā€™m trying to make bridge
please help me take a look, guys šŸ™Œ
I apologize we're getting fairly busy as a team and are not always available to help out. In the meanwhile inserting your issue into GitHub search is a good strategy to try to see if it has been filed already. If it's not filed, filing it is a good strategy as we look at all incoming issues. Thank you!