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10/15/2023, 6:06 AM
Hello, I came from background where for infrastructure provisioning we used terraform, terragrunt and atlantis. I am now working on doing similar setup with pulumi. I read through pulumi docs and did googling as well, still not able to wrap my head around how i can successfully setup such environment with pulumi. Here is what i am looking to achieve. In a single repo create two folders modules and providers • modules folder will contain all the custom pulumi projects. • providers would be where users will have their
with variables and they will reference created modules in modules folder. • Having atlantis like setup where it identifies the files changed from the pr and runs
atlantis plan
accordingly. We are using python for pulumi on "aws" and pulumi cli. Has anyone done similar setup with pulumi? any help would be appreciated. Also wanted to know if pulumi has command to run multiple packages like
terragrunt run-all apply
in case i want to do fail over exercise.


10/15/2023, 7:28 AM
There isn’t really a direct comparison to some of these tools, primarily because there doesn’t need to be. Atlantis and Terragrunt just work around deficiencies in the Terraform ecosystem. Pulumi’s equivalent for Modules are components resources, which will differ in structure depending on the language you choose. For Python, you can just create a “components” directory and reference it. If you want PR comments on your pull requests, you can use the Pulumi GitHub App. If you use Pulumi deployments, you can also trigger an up on merge as well