When using Pulumi deployments in a GitHub monorepo...
# pulumi-deployments
When using Pulumi deployments in a GitHub monorepo w/ micro-stacks and PR previews enabled, is there a way to require that Pulumi status checks pass if they exist? I'm having trouble coming up with a branch protection/rule that doesn't block PRs that have no Pulumi changes (since no status check exists in this scenario), but then require that those checks pass when Pulumi changes do exist. These are probably feature requests, but I feel like others might benefit from simplified repo/PR configuration: 1. Is it possible to configure the Pulumi PR status check to always show (even if no Pulumi job runs)? 2. Is it possible to consolidate all of the micro-stack PR status checks into a single PR status check rather than 1+ per stack?
For an example, these are the checks that appear on a demo PR for testing Pulumi. The review stack is randomly named so cannot be required, and these checks don't appear if the directory containing this project isn't modified.
On (1) I added a comment to this issue https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi-cloud-requests/issues/308 Please feel free to give it a +1. I agree that is painful and we should give you the option.