Hello Community, I have been facing an issue while...
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Hello Community, I have been facing an issue while working with Pulumi to set up an EKS Cluster along with a node group. I have a simplified version of my Pulumi script where I use
new eks.Cluster
(a single line of code) to bring up an EKS cluster. However, after running
pulumi up
, although the node group gets created, it does not get attached to the EKS Cluster. They seem to be created separately. Here's a snippet of my code for reference:
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const cluster = new eks.Cluster(`eks-cluster`, {});
I followed the usual steps and the expected behavior is to have the node group attached to the EKS cluster automatically, but that's not happening. The AWS Console for EKS displays the message "No node groups. This cluster does not have any node groups. Nodes that are not part of an Amazon EKS managed node group are not shown in the AWS console." despite having a node group created. I've checked AWS CloudFormation and the required stacks for the node group are present and did not encounter any apparent errors during the process. The IAM roles and permissions are also set correctly as per the guidelines. I am wondering if this is a known issue or if there's something additional I need to configure to ensure the node group gets attached to the EKS cluster appropriately. Any insights or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!