# aws


10/25/2023, 3:43 AM
Every time I run
pulumi up
in my network project, the WAF rules are updated. They're always updated to be identical to the way they were: the code isn't changing. Is this expected? Is it something fixable, maybe a case-sensitivity problem? Example in thread.
The values in statement.managedRuleGroupStatement are the same as before, and I can see them in the WAF console. There's really no change.
I've exported the stack and all looks as expected. The only difference is that every object has an extra
"__defaults": []
, which looks ok to me.


10/26/2023, 3:19 AM
I've seen similar things before on different resource types. I tried explicitly setting the property to what it already was, but the AWS API then complained that the property cannot be set to its existing value. I ended up working around it by ignoring changes on the property. In my case it was safe to do that because it was a property we would never set or use. It was a setting in dynamodb. It would be nice to have it fixed properly though. I suspect it's resource and provider specific and they'd need a github issue to with reproducible steps in order to fix it.


10/31/2023, 3:50 PM
@little-cartoon-10569 Would you mind opening an issue in the pulumi-aws repo with details?


10/31/2023, 7:18 PM