Hello, `pulumi new aws-typescript` is recently fa...
# typescript
pulumi new aws-typescript
is recently failing for me. If I follow Pulumi & AWS: Create new project instruction and then try
pulumi preview
, I get this error:
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error: Error: Cannot find module 'fs/promises'
Now, if I remove
, remove
, copy package-lock.json from one of my existing projects, and then run
npm install
, then the new project starts working. Any idea what's wrong with
pulumi new
Hmm, I can’t recreate this behavior. What version of Pulumi and what version of Node are you using? On my system it worked using Pulumi 3.91.1 with Node 18.13.0.
pulumi version v3.91.1 node --version v12.22.9 I guess Node upgrade to > 14 should fix that. I'll try it and respond here with the result. Thanks!
Confirming that the node upgrade to
fixed the problem. Thanks again!
nods I suspected an older Node version might be the culprit here. Glad it’s fixed now!
On a related note - when I create a new project with
pulumi new aws-typescript
and then run
npm outdated
in the new project directory, it shows me the dependencies are not at the latest versions. Does that mean that upgrade of these dependencies to the latest versions in any of my existing projects is not recommended (yet)?
No. You can upgrade to newer Pulumi releases. There is a dependency between AWS and the AWSX/EKS/API Gateway components; version 1.x of those components requires AWS v5, but versions 2.x of those components works with AWS v6. The suggested versions in the “latest” field in your screenshot should be fine.