Seeing an error with the latest Pulumi CLI and the...
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Seeing an error with the latest Pulumi CLI and the AWS provider, running in a Dev Container - see thread.
Nothing has changed that I’m aware of, other than recently rebuilding the container, and probably getting a new Pulumi version.
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error: could not load provider for resource urn:pulumi:dev::bouncer::awsx:ecs:FargateService$aws:ecs/service:Service::medbillai-dev-bouncer-ecs-service: could not create provider urn:pulumi:dev::bouncer::pulumi:providers:aws::default_5_35_0::5c0fb91f-acda-46bf-80a8-f2e0e807e69c: load plugin for aws provider 'urn:pulumi:dev::bouncer::pulumi:providers:aws::default_5_35_0': failed to load plugin /home/node/.pulumi/plugins/resource-aws-v5.35.0/pulumi-resource-aws: fork/exec /home/node/.pulumi/plugins/resource-aws-v5.35.0/pulumi-resource-aws: exec format error
I’m using Pulumi programs with a custom executor built on Automation API, so it’s a little hard to test plain
commands - but our
action fails without output, and
gives the above
I’m on v3.91.1 of the CLI
Tried updating all our NPM packages to latest too but no dice
Ahh, we were also using a pretty out-of-date AWS plugin (we manually install a specific version) - updating that to latest seems to have resolved the problem
Does anyone happen to know if `installPlugin` supports a “latest” specifier or something instead of specific version?