Hi everyone. I just wanted to let you know that my...
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Hi everyone. I just wanted to let you know that my Cookiecutter Template, for wrapping Terraform providers via the Pulumi Terraform Bridge, now includes a GO generator that automatically creates missing mappings of the Pulumi provider. This should significantly reduce the time needed to wrap a Terraform provider, and also reduce the effort needed to maintain the provider, since the maintenance of a wrapped provider usually consists of adding missing resource mappings. Now all that is needed is a `make generate`:
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$ make generate
go generate provider/resources.go
🧱 Building tfgen ...
✨ Missing resource fly_app
✨ Missing resource fly_cert
✨ Missing resource fly_ip
✨ Missing resource fly_machine
✨ Missing resource fly_volume
✨ Missing data source fly_app
✨ Missing data source fly_cert
✨ Missing data source fly_ip
✨ Missing data source fly_volume
🎯 Adding missing resources and data sources ...
🚀 Formatting code ...
The code of the generator should also be easy to take over into existing provider repositories. Any comments welcome 🙂 @billowy-army-68599 @enough-garden-22763 @ancient-policeman-24615 @limited-rainbow-51650 @orange-policeman-59119 #pulumiverse #package-authoring #contribute