this is annoying too ```creating EKS Add-On (nextg...
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this is annoying too
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creating EKS Add-On (nextgen-eks-cluster-eksCluster-ec23837:ebs-csi-driver): InvalidParameterException: Addon ebs-csi-driver specified is not supported in 1.28 kubernetes version
      RespMetadata: {
        StatusCode: 400,
        RequestID: "4bb2d053-f982-44c9-b634-31a235021677"
      AddonName: "ebs-csi-driver",
      ClusterName: "nextgen-eks-cluster-eksCluster-ec23837",
      Message_: "Addon ebs-csi-driver specified is not supported in 1.28 kubernetes version"
Are you able to share the code that generates/generated this error response?
I can but I suspect it is some additional iam policy permissions I am lacking. I am going to try another attempt with Sadly Pulumi AI is not helping and I know the 1.28 driver is supported because I list it with
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aws eks describe-addon-versions --addon-name aws-ebs-csi-driver
Have a look at and see if that helps with IAM permissions. That’s some code that I pushed up last week to help another user with a different question, but as of 4 days ago when I pushed it up it was working code and didn’t throw any errors (and it does include the EBS CSI driver).
I've been hacking on it for eight more hours and everything fails.
@stale-answer-34162 I have a little bit of time before my next meeting, would you like to jump on Zoom or a Slack huddle to see if I can help?