Hi everyone! I am trying to solve a Pulumi Grafan...
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Hi everyone! I am trying to solve a Pulumi Grafana provider problem regarding Grafana API keys. We use Grafana API keys to provision Grafana dashboards for our clients and we get a 401 error when we run Pulumi commands if the Grafana API key is expired (as you know the API Key maximum expiration after a period of 30 days) Do you have a solution where we can rotate the key (changing the key name) running Pulumi up exactly after the expiration period?
That's not a problem that Pulumi solves -- it can, but your CD engine is the best place to do that. You'll be keeping your keys in your CD secrets vault, you can have a scheduled monthly pipeline, and it can generate a new key, update the vault, and run
pulumi up
Sound good we had this in mind but I tough we will have other solution using just Grafana. Thank you for the response it helps! 🙏