Hey, just wanted to raise the question before I ra...
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Hey, just wanted to raise the question before I raise an issue on GitHub. Has anyone seen any issues where a combination of the length of an environment config file / the length of configuration property names causes an issue with the underlying language command? We have a ~ 2k line configuration file with around 560 separate configuration properties contained within in. We have just hit a limit where we are now constantly getting an 'argument list too long' being thrown by linux when trying to execute any pulumi command around those stacks (e.g. pulumi preview will cause it). From what I've been able to tell from the verbose (11) logs, it must be passing in each configuration item name as a command argument into the underlying executable? The logs never actually provide the full command arguements from what I can see (unless I am missing something!) and if I do something like heavily redact the name of the configuration items, but keep the same number, it then runs OK. This combined with the error message heavily suggests that Pulumi is pushing each configuration parameter into the underlying language executable (dotnet in my case). Given the size of some tech estates, I can't see how I would be relatively alone in this situation (the only thing I can find that matches is an open stale issue on Pulumi main project from 2021) so just wondered if anyone had any thoughts?