What is the proper platform argument here? I'm re...
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What is the proper platform argument here? I'm receiving this error: awsecsService (service): error: 1 error occurred: * creating ECS Service (service-376b62f): PlatformUnknownException: The specified platform does not exist. service = awsx.ecs.FargateService("service", cluster=cluster.arn, assign_public_ip=True, platform_version="arm64", task_definition_args=awsx.ecs.FargateServiceTaskDefinitionArgs( container=awsx.ecs.TaskDefinitionContainerDefinitionArgs( name="chainlit", image=image.image_uri, cpu=512, memory=128, essential=True, port_mappings=[awsx.ecs.TaskDefinitionPortMappingArgs( target_group=lb.default_target_group, )], ), )) pulumi.export("url", lb.load_balancer.dns_name)
Since you don't have launch_type set, you shouldn't be setting platform_version:
Platform version on which to run your service. Only applicable for launch_type set to FARGATE. Defaults to LATEST. More information about Fargate platform versions can be found in the AWS ECS User Guide.
You're running on EC2, which doesn't support this argument.
Assuming you're trying to specify an arm workload, you want to use
instead of
@dry-keyboard-94795 thanks for sharing these doc details, will take a look later. I decided to simply keep the platform arch to x86_64 for now, which is the default. Although I think graviton is suppose to be a much more efficient cpu arch.