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11/20/2023, 10:43 PM
Hey folks, running into the same issue as above, was there any change in the way the plugin is downloaded or installed after version 6.7.0 of pulumi-aws? 6.7.0 was the last working version for us, after which our jobs started taking a very long time to generate a preview or an update, we think it may be plugin related
we don't see the issue locally though, only when we run it within a container
with trace, we see it's stuck on
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Marshaling property for RPC[config]: version={6.9.0}
and then on
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Terraform input __defaults = []interface {}{}
i'm trying to create one s3 bucket only


11/21/2023, 10:31 AM
There was a change in how the AWS plugin is downloaded integrated in v6.1.0. But since you were running up to v6.7.0, that can't be it. I'm not aware of any other changes in plugin download/installation. We can investigate more if you are able to provide us a verbose log or trace file. See the Troubleshooting section in our docs how to create these.


11/21/2023, 7:44 PM
Thanks Ringo - here's the trace
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pulumi:pulumi:Stack testpewlewmi-testpewlewmi running I1120 23:09:55.639277     782 schema.go:562] Terraform input __defaults = []interface {}{}
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pulumi:pulumi:Stack testpewlewmi-testpewlewmi running I1120 23:03:00.738635     484 log.go:81] Marshaling property for RPC[config]: version={6.9.0}
these were the two places we saw it hang for a while
we couldn't download the plugin from github through our pipeline - so it defaulted to pulling it from get.pulumi in case that changes things
our pipeline has multiple AWS profiles loaded into the environment - could that be a reason why?
So it looks like between v6.7.0 and 6.8.0, pulumi tries to validate credentials once Could this mean it tries to validate all the credentials loaded in the environment? So if we have multiple AWS profiles, it tries to validate them all? We tried setting the env var to skip credentials validation but we still ran into the delay