Hi, I'm still a bit confused about how (and thus a...
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Hi, I'm still a bit confused about how (and thus after how long, approximately) new AWS features land to the Pulumi AWS (Classic) package. From what I understand the Pulumi AWS provider is generated from the Terraform. But exactly how, what is the flow and what is the role of packages like pulumi-terraform and pulumi-terraform-bridge? When I'm looking for a new feature to be added to Pulumi AWS, what to watch for? One recent example. I'm waiting for the advanced logging controls for Lambda functions to be added to the Pulumi AWS package. I suppose I'll first have to wait until it appears in the Terraform Lambda function resource. When it does, what to watch next so I can estimate when it's available in the Pulumi AWS Lambda function resource? Can someone give me a a brief description of the process or provide a link to resources that would clarify it? Thanks
Hey Tomáš, You are correct in your understanding that the pulumi aws classic provider is generated from the terraform one. We aim to release the classic aws provider weekly, so once a feature is available in the terraform provider it should be available in the classic aws provider within a week. pulumi-terraform is not related to aws and pulumi-terraform-bridge is the tool we use to "translate" from tf to pulumi. Its release, however, is not tied to provider releases. We also have the native aws provider, which does not depend on the terraform provider. IIUC, it looks like the features you are looking for should already be available there: https://www.pulumi.com/registry/packages/aws-native/api-docs/lambda/function/#functionloggingconfig
Thanks a lot for the information Venelin. Yeah, I'm aware of the Native provider but don't want to undergo the migration at the moment. So the bottom line for me is to watch for the Terraform resource and once the feature is available there, it should take a week or so. Awesome 👍