Hi, Not sure what channel to post this in, but I'v...
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Hi, Not sure what channel to post this in, but I've got an issue with a provider that I'm trying to solve myself... The go version of this package https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi-tls-self-signed-cert is having a compilation issue. In two places there are structs that reference a type in another package, but the types aren't prefixed with the package name, causing a compilation error. In this file: https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi-tls-self-signed-cert/blob/main/sdk/go/tls-self-signed-cert/selfSignedCertificate.go `Subject SelfSignedCertSubject `pulumi:"subject"`` should be `Subject tls.SelfSignedCertSubject `pulumi:"subject"`` and
Subject SelfSignedCertSubjectInput
should be
Subject tls.SelfSignedCertSubjectInput
So, my question is. I assume I need to change something in
file, but I'm not sure what?
The schema has
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"$ref": "/tls/v4.6.1/schema.json#/types/tls:index/SelfSignedCertSubject:SelfSignedCertSubject",
Which looks right to me, this is probably a bug in the Go codegenerator.
Ok, sounds like a rabbit hole I might not want to fall into 😅 Thanks though 🙂