Good day everyone, was hoping someone might be abl...
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Good day everyone, was hoping someone might be able to point me in the right direction. I am trying to setup a managed certificate with a custom domain on managed container env app. There seems to be a circular dependency where the custom domain argument in the container app needs the managed certificate to already exist, but to create the managed certificate the custom domain entry must exist. Any ideas on how to get around this issue? Thanks in advance
This has sadly been a known issue for quite a while. One day, the container apps team just introduced this circular dependency without versioning the change in a new API version, breaking the entire workflow. I raised this as an issue on the Pulumi Azure Native repo (, but it was identified as an upstream issue, so I reported it there too (, but it still hasn't received any traction. I've encountered so many situations like this with the Container Apps team that I refactored my entire project just to migrate off of it. I honestly recommend you do the same.
Also see, for less-than-satisfying workarounds. We've just accepted the state of affairs, and you can see my code for a workaround in that link.