Any ideas why I'm getting this error when trying t...
# general
Any ideas why I'm getting this error when trying to run
pulumi up
after upgrading some
packages. I'm running a managed DigitalOcean k8s cluster, and obtaining the
from the outputs then using it to initialize the k8s provider. Then using that provider to install via Helm various charts, but now after upgrading the packages it's failing with...
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$ pulumi up
Previewing update (evilcorp/dev)

View in Browser (Ctrl+O): <>

     Type                              Name                  Plan       Info
     pulumi:pulumi:Stack               evilapp-dev                     
 ~   ├─ pulumi:providers:kubernetes    k8s-provider          update     [diff: ~version]
 +   ├─ kubernetes:core/v1:Namespace   argo-cd-namespace     create     
     └─ kubernetes:<|>  cert-manager-release             1 error

  kubernetes:<|> (cert-manager-release):
    error: kubernetes:<|> resource 'cert-manager-release': property chart value {cert-manager} has a problem: could not get server version from Kubernetes: the server has asked for the client to provide credentials; check the chart name and repository configuration.
This is the general setup.
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import * as digitalocean from "@pulumi/digitalocean";
import * as kubernetes from "@pulumi/kubernetes";

const doCluster = new digitalocean.KubernetesCluster("do-cluster", {
  name: "k8s-evilapp",
  nodePool: {
    autoScale: true,
    maxNodes: 2,
    minNodes: 1,
    name: "pool-evilapp",
    size: "s-1vcpu-2gb",
  region: "nyc3",
  version: "1.28.2-do.0",

export const kubeconfig = doCluster.kubeConfigs[0].rawConfig;

const provider = new kubernetes.Provider("k8s-provider", {

const certManagerNamespace = new kubernetes.core.v1.Namespace(
    metadata: {
      name: "cert-manager",

const certManagerRelease = new kubernetes.helm.v3.Release(
    chart: "cert-manager",
    version: "1.10.2",
    repositoryOpts: {
      repo: "<>",
    values: {
      installCRDs: true
This issue should be fixed in
v4.5.4, see the changelog for details