Hi! I'm trying to set up Pulumi to create a Postg...
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Hi! I'm trying to set up Pulumi to create a Postgres database server in azure. After a few trial and errors I have now reached a problem, and I was wondering if anyone had a solution. When creating the PostgreSQL server, the error says: > Resource was disallowed by policy. Reasons: 'Public network access must be disabled for PaaS Services. I can't find any
field in the
struct that I'm using below, so I wanted to ask: what should I do in that scenario?
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serverArgs := &postgresql.FlexibleServerArgs{
			ResourceGroupName:     resourceGroup.Name,
			Location:              resourceGroup.Location,
			Version:               pulumi.String("12"),
			AdministratorLogin:    pulumi.String(adminUser),
			AdministratorPassword: conf.RequireSecret("databasePassword"),
			StorageMb:             pulumi.Int(32768),
			SkuName:               pulumi.String("GP_Standard_D4s_v3"),
			Zone:                  pulumi.String("1"),

		server, err := postgresql.NewFlexibleServer(ctx, serverName, serverArgs)
		if err != nil {
			return err
Postgresql is a Azure resource?
Have you tried using
and set that to