Hi everyone! Hope you guys are well. I'm having s...
# typescript
Hi everyone! Hope you guys are well. I'm having some issues with getting Pulumi to create an amd64 build of my docker file within the index.ts. I'm running an Apple M1 Pro. I could use docker buildx outside of Pulumi, but how do I do it within Pulumi itself?
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const myImage = new docker.Image(customImage, {
    imageName: pulumi.interpolate`${registry.loginServer}/${customImage}:v1.0.0`,
    build: { context: `./${customImage}`, args: { "platform": "linux/amd64" } },
    registry: {
        server: registry.loginServer,
        username: adminUsername,
        password: adminPassword,
this should work
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const image = new docker.Image(
                imageName: args.destinationFqn,
                build: {
                    dockerfile: cfg.dockerfile,
                    args: cfg.args,
                    context: cfg.context,
                    platform: 'linux/amd64',
                registry: {
                    server: opts.address,
                    username: opts.username,
                    password: opts.password,
            { parent: this, retainOnDelete: true, dependsOn: opts.dependsOn },