I’m <Tom>, a Founding Engineer at Medbill AI. We’r...
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I’m Tom, a Founding Engineer at Medbill AI. We’re building an AI assistant that saves consumers time and money on healthcare, including the 100 million Americans saddled with medical debt. The founder and I previously worked at Oscar Health (a tech-focused health insurer) and have seen firsthand how broken and consumer-hostile the system can be. Thanks to AI and new regulations around patient data access and price transparency, we believe we can help people navigate these challenges cost-effectively. We love Pulumi. Since our inception, we have been using Pulumi to provision all of our cloud infrastructure - and can spin up a new environment with a single command. We’ve developed custom configuration and a CLI to generically compose an environment from multiple stacks using Pulumi programs and the Automation API. (Side note - we think this tool is super helpful and want to open-source it in the future!) The rest of our stack is entirely TypeScript, with EdgeDB as our data layer, Temporal for orchestration, and a unified web/native frontend using Tamagui. If our mission or technology sounds exciting to you, please reach out (or take a look at our website) - we’re looking for more senior Founding Engineers to join our team 😊
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Looks interesting! I’m going to email you 🙂