hey all, I would have thought we'd have a <fly.io>...
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hey all, I would have thought we'd have a fly.io provider by now but it's not looking good. is there a reason why? they are a premium cloud provider. is there someone else I should be using? I'm looking to deploy bytewax workloads for realtime data processing
I'm thinking of maybe getting into kubernetes to deploy dynamic/scalable workloads. are many people doing that?
@icy-controller-6092 this is one created by my colleague @many-telephone-49025, though not yet published in our Registry: https://github.com/dirien/pulumi-fly
The “community” run provider if fly is dead: https://github.com/fly-apps/terraform-provider-fly/issues/255 There are some forks flying around and I am happy to switch to them,
I saw this too, I think it’s actually from the fly team themselves. The message at the top of the read me says not to use it
I found this “surprising” from Fly.io not provide their user a “Non- CLI” way of deploying workload, tbh.
I’ve actually just done the EKS tutorials from Pulumi docs and it wasn’t anywhere near as difficult as I thought it would be, so I’m moving all my services off of fly and onto EKS
I think fly is more for people who aren’t familiar with devops / IaC
some very interesting replies in that issue you linked @many-telephone-49025 - i think fly will lose a cohort of customers because of the choice to drop the terraform support
that might be ok with them though, because when I searched the fly community forums, I found very few people talking about terraform/iac