Hey there, we're experiencing a strange behavior w...
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Hey there, we're experiencing a strange behavior with the Pulumi passphrase that we were wondering if anyone could help with. We're running Pulumi from a container and grab the passphrase from AWS SSM. We're absolutely sure we're using the same passphrase, but one of us is able to successfully run previews and deploys, while the other gets:
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error: getting stack configuration: get stack secrets manager: incorrect passphrase
Just running a
stack select
is successful, just not the preview. We have encountered this once before (I ended manually destroying and recreating the resources). Has anyone encountered this before by any chance? Any solutions would be greatly appreciated!
Note that I did deploy these resources before, but cannot preview/deploy anymore ever since my teammate changed them, even though he is using the same passphrase.
For anyone interested, the culprit in the end was the local stack
files. We deployed to two different environments (AWS accounts) with the same stack name, so my local stack file ended up different from my team mate's. Cleaning them up did the trick.