Is there some way with pulumi to group a bunch of ...
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Is there some way with pulumi to group a bunch of resources together so they can be deployed seperately from others. These would all be in one project and stack
You can use component resources to logically group resources, though they're still deployed in parallel with other resources. Is this what you mean?
That would be it yes, could I not then use
with the component resource though?
To deploy only that
I will try anyway
Yes, the component resource type will form part of the URN, and will work well if you have a single instance of the CR
Hi, is there a way to specify dependencies on a function? For example,
? I would love to be able to combine multiple policy documents, since resources like SQS and SQS can only have a single policy, but I don't see a way to be able to do that. A particular example is if I have an SNS topic and two SQS queues, each with their own KMS key. SNS has to know everything about the queues and the keys beforehand, so that it can set the policy at the same time. This is not great on a dynamic environment.
Can you post into general to start a new thread please
Of course! Sorry, this is not what I intended. 🤦‍♀️
@full-lamp-64265 do they need to be kept in the main stack, or could you split them out, using the microstacks approach?