Hi there, we’re trying out pulumi deployments as a...
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Hi there, we’re trying out pulumi deployments as a replacement for getting GHA to run pulumi preview or getting devs to run pulumi preview on their machines. Using the web UI is fine, and we can trigger preview deployments as expected. Now we would like to schedule the deployments to run every day and alert us when the preview fails to detect drift. Is there an API for triggering the preview deployment like from the web UI? For starters, we’re using GHA as a cron scheduler and would like it to trigger the API. I’ve tried looking around in the docs but nothing obvious jumped out at me. I’m hoping for some community wisdom here
I know the sdk has automation api, but because our deployment setup is a bit custom and requires running some pre-run commands, that API doesn’t quite work. It was also awkward that we need to provide remote auth to get the program code. All these is already configured for the web UI so it feels more intuitive to be able to just reuse it.