Hello. Cannot figure out how to make pulumi regist...
# java
Hello. Cannot figure out how to make pulumi register ComponentResource args into the state as inputs. Example is
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data class Args(val project: String, val region: String) : ResourceArgs()
class Gke(name: String, val args: Args, opts: ComponentResourceOptions? = null) :
    ComponentResource("components:index:Gke", name, args, opts)
And it kinda works in general, but when compared to python version it seems to be unable to understand that those Args should be treated as inputs. So in diff from a python version I see
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      - project          : "my-proj"
      - region           : "us-central1"
I cannot see anything in the documentation about that. I don't even understand if it is important? Like if any of these values change I'd like pulumi to detect the change, but otoh it will actually change some proper resources transitively, so maybe that's enough?