<@UCWG26BH7> if you have some time, could you rele...
# package-authoring
@billowy-army-68599 if you have some time, could you release an update of your scaleway provider to at least TF v2.34.0? I would need this:
feat(vpcgw): add support for ip id on ipam config (#2240)
@limited-rainbow-51650 Now that it seems I got my own Pulumi stuff sorted with @enough-garden-22763 and @ancient-policeman-24615 and when @billowy-army-68599 has no time for this I could file a PR in his repo and upgrade the Scaleway provider to the latest version of the upstream TF provider.
@limited-rainbow-51650 @billowy-army-68599 https://github.com/lbrlabs/pulumi-scaleway/pull/259
The upgrade introduced breaking changes, because the upstream TF provider removed obsolete resources.
i’m not actively working on this repo, please fork it if you need to maintain it
Ooops ... well ... @limited-rainbow-51650 move to Pulumiverse?
@many-telephone-49025 what about https://github.com/dirien/pulumi-scaleway/ ?
@limited-rainbow-51650 my provider is up to date and maintained by me!