I'm trying to import an existing dev stack as part...
# aws
I'm trying to import an existing dev stack as part of the start of my journey towards everything being in Pulumi. However, I've hit something I can't solve. I'm using pulumi import awsalb/targetGroupTargetGroup to bring in an ALB Target Group for an ECS Fargate Task. It gets the state as it shows in Pulumi Cloud, but fails to create a code block, instead giving me this error: error: anonymous.pp30,25 31,14 cannot assign expression of type (null) to location of type list( { enableUnhealthyConnectionTermination: bool | output(bool) } | output({ enableUnhealthyConnectionTermination: bool })) | output(list({ enableUnhealthyConnectionTermination: bool }))?: ; However, from my research, ALB target groups don't have that value, only network load balancer TGs: https://docs.aws.amazon.com/elasticloadbalancing/latest/network/target-group-health.html Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong? Is there somewhere in the aws cli I can set this boolean on the TG so it will import? There's definitely nowhere in the console.
That seems like a bug. It should be easy enough to write the correct code yourself and use the import opt to import things. If you get it to work, it's safe to say that the
pulumi import
result is a bug, and you should raise an issue about it.
Good to have another opinion that it's a bug. One of the pulumi cloud sales techs also thinks it's a bug. I'll be hitting the GitHub tonight or tomorrow. Thanks!