Is <pulumi-command> for local and remote executio...
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Is pulumi-command for local and remote execution. Is it conceptually for command execution of "pulumi up" local and remote - executing code using packages from the pulumi repository? If you can execute code remotely, is there a "pulumi command" server running remote then?
It's for executing adhoc commands as part of your Pulumi project DAG. If you use the remote option, you need to provide it details about where the remote server is. eg
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const connection: types.input.remote.ConnectionInput = {
    host: server.publicIp,
    user: "ec2-user",
    privateKey: privateKey,
Thanks... Is there anything running on the remote or is is like a ssh thing?
Well I guess, if ssh there is a SSH daemon, what is needed for Pulumi remote?
Yep its using ssh