The pulumi docs really should not be recommending ...
# general
The pulumi docs really should not be recommending microstacks at this stage. There is just too much functionality missing to make microstacks a pleasant experience
What functionality would you like to see?
better config handling, previously you would have a project monostack and 1 yaml file per env-based stack now you have a matrix of yaml files, which is 1 for every microstack + env combination there's currently no way to share config, you have to repeat provider configs for every combination
2) be able to configure default providers using a StackReference
3) slice up the matrix dynamic, e.g sometimes you want to view all environments for a service microstack, other times you want to see all services for an environment. the current project > stack UI forces you to pick one of those
4) auto-stack creation on
pulumi up
5) make it MUCH easier to move resources between stacks. the only effective method right now is stack import/export with some painful JSON editing in between
On sharing configs and configuring default providers, this is something Pulumi ESC can solve, though you need to use Pulumi Cloud for it
ESC won’t work because sometimes for local developer deploys a local file state backend is used. Same program, just doesn’t need to use pulumi cloud for a developer deploy to a local machine