Hi - Looking for some advice & pointers… I’ve...
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Hi - Looking for some advice & pointers… I’ve used Python in various guises over the years, but very much from a Sys Admin level & not to a ‘proper’ Developer standard. Coding wise, I’d like to say I’m reasonable. I’ve coded mainly with functions & more recently OOP, rather than monolithic python-script. Off the back of looking at Pulumi, I want to learn how to code (and probably more importantly test) Python properly. I’m currently looking into TDD & testing ecosystems for Python. I’ve used tox+pytest a bit, having previously played with behave & now unittest. Does anyone have any pointers/links to me better understanding: 1. how to code Python correctly 2. defining code & testing standards 3. build better testing ecosystems (what to use when) I have my own ideas based on the environment’s Ive worked in, but what does ‘good’ look like. PS. No I don’t want a debate on TDD vs others: it’s my starting point & can change as/if needed - I’ve got lots to learn before getting to that point.. Thanks in advance.