Having a strange issue running same pulumi code on...
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Having a strange issue running same pulumi code on new AWS account in regards to stack visibility. S3 state backend. Administrator permissions. The state bucket was created manually in console, did some permissions change on listing/visibility? 🧵
First indication of problem was stack references not being found from one stack trying to pull in details from another. Both stacks deployed OK, and the state files are in S3 when manually browsed. Verified that my AWS creds can view/list the state bucket.
Next detail is trying to simply run a "pulumi stack select" returns nothing on this new account, but returns every single stack on the other account. On both accounts my permission level is full Administrator
Seems as if Pulumi for some reason can't list the bucket properly
hmm.. doing a compare of the bucket data, it seems the new account has stacks in subfolders, where the older one does not
new account:
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root@1a4e7c938390:/data# aws s3 ls <s3://account2-state/.pulumi/stacks/> | grep cognito | head -n 5
                           PRE cognito/
                           PRE lambda-cognitopostauthentication/
                           PRE lambda-cognitopostconfirmation/
root@1a4e7c938390:/data# aws s3 ls <s3://account2-state/.pulumi/stacks/cognito/>
2024-01-10 03:59:32      36902 cognito.c_account2.a_account2.e_prod.n_main.r_us-west-2.json
2024-01-10 03:59:32      36542 cognito.c_account2.a_account2.e_prod.n_main.r_us-west-2.json.bak
old account:
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root@fd18fe2588c7:/data# aws s3 ls <s3://account1-state/.pulumi/stacks/> | grep cognito | head -n 5
2021-11-10 20:46:38      27775 cognito-iam.c_account1.a_account1.e_prod.n_lander.r_us-west-2.json
2021-11-10 20:46:37      27732 cognito-iam.c_account1.a_account1.e_prod.n_lander.r_us-west-2.json.bak
2021-11-09 18:14:31      28243 cognito-iam.c_account1.a_account1.e_stage.n_lander.r_us-west-2.json
2021-11-09 18:14:31      35417 cognito-iam.c_account1.a_account1.e_stage.n_lander.r_us-west-2.json.bak
2021-11-10 20:45:43      13184 cognito.c_account1.a_account1.e_prod.n_lander.r_us-west-2.json