Any tips on how to debug this? `PULUMI_DEBUG_PROMI...
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Any tips on how to debug this?
-> this variable is not very helpful
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The Pulumi runtime detected that 468 promises were still active
  at the time that the process exited. There are a few ways that this can occur:
    * Not using `await` or `.then` on a Promise returned from a Pulumi API
    * Introducing a cyclic dependency between two Pulumi Resources
    * A bug in the Pulumi Runtime
  Leaving promises active is probably not what you want. If you are unsure about
  why you are seeing this message, re-run your program with the `PULUMI_DEBUG_PROMISE_LEAKS`
  environment variable. The Pulumi runtime will then print out additional
  debug information about the leaked promises.
We'd need a lot more context to help. Where are you seeing this? Runtime, during unit tests, during package build, somewhere else? What does the extra output from PULUMI_DEBUG_PROMISE_LEAKS say and why does it not help? How are you exiting your app/test/program, does the flow there explicitly skip the promise-resolution period? You could look for anywhere in a promise or apply that could throw a serious runtime error, or anywhere that just quits the app/test/program without waiting for normal finishing.
I am witnessing this error too. It is able to be replicated with the latest version of awsx. I create an
resource and then an
resource. For the
option in
of the cluster, i set the created vpc. Pulumi doesn’t like this and i get the runtime detected promises error Edit: created an issue: