May I ask you which language is primary for Pulumi...
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May I ask you which language is primary for Pulumi? it looks like TS has most tooling (like AWS resource linter) and most comprehensive docs (i.e. there are some docs available only for TS)
Officially, there is no primary language. There are some published packages that are available in only one or two languages, and anecdotally, I'd say that TS/JS is the most common for those cases. But with multi-language packages becoming the norm, the few cases where something is available in TS and not other languages are becoming rarer and rarer.
TypeScript was the first SDK introduced by Pulumi, but as mentioned already there isn't a "primary" language. TS and Python are very popular, with Go and C# following up.
I would suggest TS or Python as those are usually the one you find the most posts / articles about when looking for a assistance