any idea how to recover from this isssue? > err...
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any idea how to recover from this isssue?
error: Snapshot write failed: failed to verify snapshot: resource urnpulumi<stack>:infrastructureeksindex:Cluster$awsec2/launchConfigurationLaunchConfiguration::eks-cluster-nodeLaunchConfiguration dependency urnpulumi<stack>:infrastructureeksindex:Cluster$awsec2/securityGroupRuleSecurityGroupRule::eks-cluster-eksClusterIngressRule refers to missing resource
So I think despite the phrasing of that error the snapshot will still have written out, and you can probably get it to read back in by setting
when running the next
pulumi up
. But please raise an issue about this, it's very likely an engine bug that the snapshot got into this state in the first place.
@echoing-dinner-19531 sadly no dice, i get the same error with that flag passed
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Can you try updating the CLI. I very recently fixed an issue with snapshots and replace operations so this might already be fixed.
also no dice 😞
[filed a support ticket - 4571]
@echoing-dinner-19531 this just happened to us again - is there a way we can get to the bottom of why this keeps happening
(i’m sure it has to do with the fact that we’re using --target, but that’s kind of how our deploys work right now so ideally we don’t have to stop using it 😄 )
Almost certainly due to --target. It's overdue a careful look at how it does/should work. If you can easily-ish rework to not use --target that would be my top suggestion.