I’m running into an issue similar to what <@U05SLM...
# google-cloud
I’m running into an issue similar to what @adamant-hydrogen-25820 ran into above when trying to upgrade our pulumi-gcp version - in my case, all service accounts are being deleted and recreated. I noticed in the diff output that the capitalization of the “type” field changed between the two (
) but trying to create an alias to point to the old type has no effect. We are specifying the account name explicitly in this case (it is important to us that it does not have a suffix) so we cannot allow it to delete and recreate without downtime. Has there been any resolution on this, or should we continue to wait for the upgrade? I don’t have a super easy way to create a minimal reproduction, but if this is a branch new issue I can attempt it.
I suppose I could export, change the providers and types manually, and then reimport?