is it normal for a simple fargate task definition ...
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is it normal for a simple fargate task definition to take 15 min to run or more?
no, it wasn't "normal", I was trying to deploy an ECS task listening on port 80 but pulumi was just getting stuck, probably because of some IAM permission stuff. What concerns me is that it showed no output to allow me to debug.
DId you try to deploy only the task definition itself, or was there an associated service that you tried to deploy? In that case, the issue might not so much be with Pulumi, but with ECS itself, if it has problem starting the service and failing health checks. That could potentially take a long time, and you would have the same type of problem with other IaC tools as well. If you try to deploy a service and have a desired count > 0, try to set desired count = 0 and re-deploy. Then it will not try to start the service, and it will be easier/quicker to troubleshoot.
thx I'll try that
Also make use of circuit breaker (however I found out that circuit breaker does not work if you have a single container ...) In general, anything longer than 5 minutes suggests an issue with the container, permissions or something outside of Pulumi.
how do I "make use of circuitbreaker"