using `new k8s.core.v1.Pod` in my dev environment,...
# kubernetes
new k8s.core.v1.Pod
in my dev environment, and the pod is replaced when
changes, but only updated when
- then failing on update because there's a very small number of fields you can update on a running pod. Does that sound like a bug or am I using it the wrong way?
Pretty sure you should always use some kind of higher level wrapper - a Deployment, batchJob, something
It does seem like a pod controller has some overlap with Pulumi, so I just keep things simpler locally and use pulumi to control the pods The main point though is that there seems to be some effort to define which fields should cause the pod to replace vs update, but it’s currently not fully specced maybe?
Pod controllers need to be running all the time, to handle rolling deployments, PDBs, scaling etc.
This is for a local dev environment