Can anyone help me to understand how I can use tok...
# general
Can anyone help me to understand how I can use token authentication for proxmox using
python library? I see in the short documentation in pypi that there are some variables that you can set:
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const provider = new proxmox.Provider('proxmoxve', {
  endpoint: process.env.PROXMOX_VE_ENDPOINT,
  insecure: process.env.PROXMOX_VE_INSECURE,
  username: process.env.PROXMOX_VE_USERNAME,
  password: process.env.PROXMOX_VE_PASSWORD
But there's no mention if api tokens. How can I find out if this is supported? I see here that there some variables set in the code, one of which is related to the token: Maybe I could just add something like that?
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provider = proxmox.Provider('proxmoxve',
                            apitoken=os.getenv("PROXMOX_TOKEN"), <-- this
This doesn't seem to work, I get:
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TypeError: Provider._internal_init() got an unexpected keyword argument 'apitoken'
I think I've got it. It was "api_token", with an underscore.