Some more good publicity for Pulumi: <https://sst....
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Some more good publicity for Pulumi:
Some good stuff there. I've dabbled in the SST stuff in the past. The team behind this stuff is top-notch. If you haven't checkout out for some of your CI/CD pipeline needs. You should.
We've had teams use SST. It was fine for rapid prototyping, but if you're thinking of going to production with it, you're either a start-up or willing to risk your business with rapidly evolving software that won't care much about their breaking changes breaking your code. The reality of the stacks created in SST, is that they had to be redeclared in Pulumi to go to PROD anyway because of unforeseen complications in the magic
I'm a Remix fan myself... but I saw this article doing the rounds n twitter -- thought it was cool to see more well known projects adopting Pulumi