Hi, I have some ec2 instances running on productio...
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Hi, I have some ec2 instances running on production with ubuntu 18.04. Now that I check the resource statuses by
pulumi preview
, it’s unable to find the AMI underlying those ec2 with the error
invoke of aws:ec2/getAmi:getAmi failed: invocation of aws:ec2/getAmi:getAmi returned an error
. In fact, I could not find that AMI using AWS CLI, if I update to another AMI, pulumi shows that I need to replace those associated with the running instances, I’m skeptical to carry out the replacement because the instances are serving production. Any idea how to go on with it?
you can specify the ami in the ec2 resource instead of looking for it using
- that should work
https://www.pulumi.com/registry/packages/aws/api-docs/ec2/instance/#ami_yaml hard-code the ami you need here - as long as you use the one you've used previously that shouldn't cause replacements
oh right that seems to work! what’s the best practice here? Now I have to fetch the ami id by myself and replace it to the
, seems a bit manual..
If you want a fixed AMI, then you should hard-code it. getAMI is useful if you want the AMI to stay up to date - note that that will cause a replacement.
alright, thank you!
You could also use an
on the AMI property for the instance, but in general I agree with Venelin---if you want a fixed AMI, then supply it as a manually-entered configuration value.