Does anyone know what values can be set as the "ro...
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Does anyone know what values can be set as the "role" parameter of an iam.RolePolicyAttachment? All my code uses iam.Role objects, which work; the docs all say role name, but I guess I couldn't get that to work some time in the past (hence using the Role object). I'm wondering if a role ARN would work there, but I'm not at my computer to test, right now..
A link to the provider implementation would be ideal.. I'll start hunting for that, now.
interesting, i always pass role name and it works. seems like thats the only way to do it in go. i can see following types in docs for typescript though: string | Role -> Role object or role name
i think the issue you faced in past is the dependency resolver tried to create policy attachment before actually creating the role because you passed the name as a string directly to the rolepolicyattachment instead of using output of iam.Role